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The windshield wiper

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I usually wish my car but this time I went to a car wish & they 're trying to stop the windshield wipers from coming on automatically . How do you turn off the rain sensing wipers?.. I don't want to damage my wipers.
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Oh Boy! <<raises hand>> I know! I know! (Elementary school flashback)

The right hand stalk on the steering column has the wiper controls.

With the car off (so that the wipers don't swipe on dry glass) push the stalk all the way up to the MIST position, then release. That is the OFF position.

Once you are out of the car wash, push the stalk down ONE CLICK...that is the AUTO position.


I'm still looking for the sensitivity adjustment on the auto you, I prefer starting the wipers with an adequate amount of water drops. Otherwise a single swipe will just smear whatever is on there. (It is pollen season where we live...EWWW.)

EDIT: Found answer to both our ?s on page 241 of the Owners Manual
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When Auto is selected, the sensor sensitivity
can be adjusted by turning the
switch ring.
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