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Popping sound

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My 2014 RX350 with 48850 miles just had to have the timing chain cover replaced. It was leaking oil.
Had the Lexus dealer do the repairs because the local garage didn’t want to take on the task.
Dealer had it for 3 days at the cost $5600. It is quite the project from what I have looked up.
I got it back and I now started to hear a popping sound that seems to be on the front drivers side. I hear it when I first start up and when turning left at slow speeds. Some times when going over small bumps.
What do you think it could be? Could it have started due to the work I had done? Should I take it back to the dealer or my local garage.
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Hey @JJHLex14 welcome to the forum, sorry to hear about your RX350, how long have you had it for? I wonder if the dealer didn't properly fix your timing chain issue.

Since they were the last ones to touch your vehicle I'd bring it back to them, especially if the local garage didn't want to work on it in the first place.
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