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New Member from New Jersey, USA!

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Hi all,

We just joined to share information about our new Copper Crest RX500h. It is our first Lexus and first Hybrid.

We live in north New Jersey, the Garden State. :)

Before you ask the usual question "WHAT EXIT", it's Exit 30...:censored:

We are long time auto enthusiasts...on the test Drive I stumped the salesman with several questions, LOL.

Our 'fleet' consists of several sports cars and our daughters' Hondas.

Oh wait. I forgot to mention that one old British sports car is a hybrid too:

"It runs on gasoline, and burns oil" :ROFLMAO:
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Congratulations for getting your RX500h @Carbuff2 and welcome to the forum! I know that feeling all too well I love when I'm dealing with a salesperson and I know more than them :LOL:.

What sold you on the RX500h as your first Lexus and hybrid?
What sold you on the RX500h as your first Lexus and hybrid?
We wanted a hybrid...the 'boss' doesn't want Range Anxiety to create wrinkles on our trips between NJ and TN, so a BEV was out of the question. :)

She also wanted a two-row 'premium' car. She likes the Minivan we got from her father in 2006, but its 22 years old now...and we no longer need such a big vehicle, since the Grandkids all have drivers' licenses. :eek:
(so, no Hondas or Toyotas.)
She wouldn't consider a Hyundai/Kia because of poor past experience, even though newer ones are recommended by some of the magazines. Liked the Lincoln SUVs, but they don't have ANY stock available.

So we test-drove five Lexus vehicles that day (NX, RXs, new & used etc)

She liked the refinement of the cars, and was smitten by the high-end features, but I didn't like the softness of the suspensions or slow steering response.

Hearing that, the salesman let on that the 500h F-Sport had a relatively firm ride and steering feel, as well as the adaptive rear wheel stering...(or could be set for that). Well, he was being a salesman, it wasn't as stiff as our Jaguar 2-seater, but she really liked the features and copper color of the one that was IN STOCK.

So, after a few hours of haggling (and attempting to walk out of the door, GOOD BUYING TACTIC eh?) HERE WE ARE. :p


Still wading through the 658-page Owners Manual. :eek: If I have any questions I'll ask in another topic.
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Nice. We ordered our RX350 Luxury in February and are finally picking it up tomorrow. You were fortunate to not have to wait and you got a unique color that will get many comments. My wife has been driving a Mazda CX-7 for the last 13 years and can't wait until tomorrow.
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Performed my 'post-delivery check' when I got home yesterday afternoon. Tire inflation was a bit uneven (not more than 2 PSI off).

And... I topped off the windshield wash...put in an entire GALLON. 😮 How BIG are those containers, anyway? (Canadian rules dictate large reservoirs, I know)
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Went through the rest on my wife’s today. Tires pressures were spot on. Everything looked fine. My only surprise was the fit on the wheel well trim is not as tight as I would have expected. I assume there is thing wrong with it though since all 4 look the same.
Saw this in the owners manual.

Tire size 235/50R21 101V, T165/70D20 119M (spare)​
Driving at high speeds (above 100 mph [160 km/h]) (in​
countries where such speeds are permitted by law)​
Add 8 psi (50 kPa, 0.5 kgf/cm2 or bar) to the front and rear

Think the cops will mind if I give it a try? :ROFLMAO:
I've been known to drive my VW that fast passing on 2 lane roads. 😆
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