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is the Lexus IS dead after 2024?

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Looking at Toyota/ Lexus model cycles from over the years. 10 years is the Max a model lives until is axed or redesigned from the ground up.
I could see the IS go the way of the dodo with the current sales figures and current market trend shift towards SUV/ crossovers. The looming market forcast and the on going recession to depression scenario might make it disappear faster.
The competition also will further take away from the sales.
Will the IS even make it to 2024? Or will it be discontinued in 2022 or 2023.
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I think it will make it to 2024 then the next generation of the car will be launched.
Right now the indications point to a 2024 Lexus IS as the next gen. The new 2024 Lexus IS luxury sedan is a sleek and stylish vehicle that offers a premium driving experience. With a sporty exterior design that features sharp lines and curves, the IS commands attention on the road
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