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How to add AUDIO SOURCE?

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I haven't found a method to add my own Audio Source to the ones that came with the car. (Apple Music and Amazon Music are my choices)

I usually listen to Pandora.

Here is the closest I came to finding anything in both the Owners Manual and Multimedia Tech Guide.

(Screenshot from the MultiMedia Tech Guide Section 1 - 3, page 32) How can you add a new source to this screen?

Rectangle Font Number Parallel Screenshot
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As I recall Toyota has only included Apple and Amazon Music but said they could add others in the future. You can add the Pandora app to CarPlay I believe. Plus using them on the car would require a subscription in the future. What I did instead is load all my music onto a USB key. I have 1300 songs in FLAC format with album art and it takes about 30gb of room.
Thanks, I guess the research I did (and, not finding an answer) was valid.

I have most of my music on a thumbdrive as well...but one of our cars will not recognize FLAC format so its all on MP3, which sounds fine for in-car use.
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