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Basic information on the T24A-FTS engine in the RX350 and RX500h

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Found this nice page that gives you some basic information on the 2.4 turbo I4 engine.
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Things that captured my attention:

1. Electric control valve rather than a thermostat.

2. Timing CHAIN :love:

3. Liquid intercooler (AKA Chargecooler) for reducing intake temps, with electric circulator pump (allows circulation after engine shutdown to prevent turbo coking)

4. Plastic intake manifold :(

5. Port AND direct injection (this is becoming more common from several manufacturers)
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Coolant control valves are pretty normal these days. Allows faster engine warm up lowering emissions. I have it on my 2016 VW Golf as well.

Timing chains are nice but they can still fail as well unfortunately.

Most turbo engines have circulator pumps for the turbos to cool down these days as well

I think non plastic intake manifolds are the exception these days

Dual injection is nice. You tend to see it more in Europe due to their emission standards. I wish more manufacturers would do it so intake valve cleaning wouldn't be necessary. It adds to cost and complexity though.

I thought it was interesting that they shaped the engine cover and firewall heat shield to flow air over the turbo. I wish they'd supplied a little more info on the oil separator in the PCV system and how it works.
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they shaped the engine cover and firewall heat shield to flow air over the turbo.
Turbos (and exhaust manifolds) can get RED HOT. Good airflow is needed.
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My displeasure with plastic parts stems from their tendency to get brittle and crack apart with age. (experience)
I'm sure that newer formulations are better...but we will see.
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I’ve seen the turbos glowing on my VWs in the past after flogging them. Always amazed how quick they cool. Intakes don’t get that hot though. The brittleness in plastics can be an issue after about 10 years though.
An interesting video from The Car Care Nut on the T24A-FTS.
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